Prairie Creations by Anita Allen

I make Custom Draperies, Custom-made bedspreads and I piece quilts and Machine Quilt with my Nolting Pro 30" long-arm. You will be seeing a variety of pictures and who knows what else.

Location: Alliance, Nebraska, United States

I try to juggle making custom draperies and machine quilting. My husband and I have been married 43 years and have 5 children and 16 grandchildren.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Puppy in toys

I couldn't resist taking these pictures. There are two different places for her to sit and she picked right in the middle of the toys I had just picked up.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Alien Quilt

This was a fun quilt to finish for a client in McCook. It was a great way to make a huge quilt using the border print fabric. It makes me smile, it's so happy. (Oh NO, I just noticed my foot in the picture, how professional of me. OOpps )


Monday, November 2, 2009

Joining Lip-Cord: Step 1

This series of pictures will show you how to join Lip-Cord on bedspreads or pillows. This particular client wanted Lip-Cord on four sides. The green is the face fabric and the floral is the backing. Also the face fabric that you see at the bottom of the picture is only laying on my work table.

Step 1: Sew lip-cord to the face fabric all the way around, leaving about 3-5 inches un-sewn. Lay flat on your table and cut the cords. Leave about 5 inches of extra where the cords overlap. (Please notice that the back of the lip-cord is facing up)


Joining Lip-Cord: Step 2

Very Gently snip the mono-filament thread that attaches the gimp to the cord. You will need about 1 1/2 inches to work. I also lock the stitch where I stopped or the monofilament will unravel.


Joining Lip-Cord: Step 3

Unravel the individual cords from the first end and pin securely. I use a padded work table top to pin into. This way I can stabilize the fabric and cord so it doesn't slip around while maneuvering the cording.


Joining Lip-Cord: Step 4

After stabilizing the first set of cords, unravel the second set of cords. They will nest nicely after a bit of persuading. I use lots of pins so nothing slips.


Joining Lip-Cord: Step 5

After the two sets of cords are lying nicely fold the gimp so it crosses over itself. Bring the raw edges down so nothing will ravel. Now, baste the gimp to the cords. This will make transfering to the machine a lot easier.


Joining Lip-Cord: Step 6

(This is the hardest part) Transfer the top to your machine and stich along the seam line at least twice so the cords and the gimp are stable. After it is stitched I trim the cords and the gimp to about 1 inch and use 'Liquid Stitch' glue to prevent raveling in the future.

Joining Lip-cord: Step 7

Now pin the back fabric to the face fabric right sides together and use a zipper foot to finish the seam like you normally would.


Joining Lip-Cord Step 8

This the picture of the backside of my finished Coverlet with joined Lip-Cord