Prairie Creations by Anita Allen

I make Custom Draperies, Custom-made bedspreads and I piece quilts and Machine Quilt with my Nolting Pro 30" long-arm. You will be seeing a variety of pictures and who knows what else.

Location: Alliance, Nebraska, United States

I try to juggle making custom draperies and machine quilting. My husband and I have been married 43 years and have 5 children and 16 grandchildren.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facing-Back side

This will show you how I finish the backs of the bedspreads and coverlets. I make a 2" doublefold facing and blind stitch with matching thead. I never use mono-filament thread. This coverlet has a 1/2" welt inserted into the edge.


Coverlet-scalloped bottom.

This coverlet used decorator fabric. I quilting it like a pieced quilt. The pattern is an all-over leaves and feathers pattern. The fill is 3 oz. The back is a contasting fabric. It has a scalloped edge that is bound with a 1/2 binding.

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Small outline Quilting

This bedspread had 3oz fill and outline quilting.

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Quilting-Wavy diamond- 1/2" self welt

The quilting on this coverlet was wavy diamond. This is how a slighly rounded bottom looks. You might use this when the coverlet is over a skirt. The bottom edge of the coverlet will hang closer to the floor.

This coverlet has 7 oz fill and 1/2" self welt.

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Quilting-Large wavy rectangle

This was a sleigh bed. The bottom was a box end. The sides had a very large self welt to tuck into the rails. The fill was 7 oz.

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Quilting-Channel-Split bottom with a gusset

This was a custom made leather sleigh bed. The sides and bottom are made to tuck into the rails. The fill is 7 oz.

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Quilting pattern-hour glass

This coverlet has 7 oz fill. This quilting pattern is also called chicken wire.

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